Neuwagenkauf – Händlertricks

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I’ve been thinking about buying a car for two years. After another $1000 repairs on my 1994 Buick Roadmaster (bought new) with over 180,000 miles the time had come. In the past, when I sat in a new car (at dealerships and auto shows), the comfort didn’t match my Buick’s „sofa-like“ seat, so I put off the purchase. In the past 24 months I’ve identified the make and model but not the color; so i planned to check the colors at a local dealer on a friday. Later on, the best price would be obtained via online bidding – a tried and true way to get a competitive price.

Upon arrival, the seller took some basic information and asked how much time was available. My answer was 15 to 30 minutes. Four hours later I left without buying because the „deal“ was on a light interior car, not the dark one I preferred. Looking back, what transpired over those four hours was a demonstration of classic car selling techniques at their best. This insight came to light a few days later when he was watching a film in which the sales manager was showing the tricks of the trade and enjoying how to manipulate the customer. After the film I said: „That’s exactly what happened to me“. Of the 14 techniques used during my four hour ordeal, were all mentioned in the film (except that in the film a secret microphone recorded the conversation between husband and wife after the salesman left the room – this did not happen). The amazing thing is that I didn’t notice the sales tricks during the process. What were the techniques?

First the clerk in the parking lot turned around and said follow me to the office and I did. Next he got keys to the interesting model and arranged the car for me to sit in. Although I’ve driven the model before, he insisted it wasn’t a problem. After 15 minutes we returned to the office to say goodbye, how naive.

The third technique offered a deal that could not be refused. He offered a trade that was twice the price of my car and eight thousand dollars less than the list price! My thought, that’s too good to be true. My answer, I have to check with the woman. No problem, he offered to use his cell phone, technique four, remove obstacles. Now the tick was set, he had a potential buyer. After driving a second car in my preferred color, we were back in the office.

My trade was the next topic. He filled out the paperwork to determine the value through an online wholesale system. He offered a thousand more than the value, which somehow made me feel good even though it was a thousand less than his first offer. That was trick five. I keep my keys, trick six.

Als nächstes wurde bekannt, dass der zuerst genannte Rabatt von 8.000 für eine Demo mit 4.000 Meilen galt; Daher haben wir die Verhandlungen über dieses Auto eingestellt, sondern der Fokus verlagerte sich auf den, den ich gerade gefahren bin. Er sagte, sie wollten den ersten Ausverkauf des Tages schließen, um die Dinge ins Rollen zu bringen, also einen großen Rabatt, Trick sieben. Die nächste Frage war, welcher Preis das Geschäft abschließen würde; Er bat mich, auf einem Notizblock zu unterschreiben, wie viel ich zahlen würde, Stich acht. Jeder Betrag war ok, wenn es unangemessen wäre, würde er mit seinem Manager für mich kämpfen, Technik neun, der Verkäufer war auf meiner Seite.

Der Manager kommt. Er sagt, er würde bei diesem Geschäft Geld verlieren, „es kostet mehr, das Auto zu produzieren, als Sie anbieten“. Offensichtlich wurden unangemessene Angebote nicht akzeptiert. Dann beginnt er die Verhandlungen mit dem msrp und lässt tausend fallen; Unsere vorherigen Verhandlungen gingen irgendwie verloren, Trick zehn. Da das Auto mehr Optionen hat als gewünscht, folgt ein Vortrag über deren Wert. Wenn ich eine Basisversion anfordere, wird der Manager tatsächlich wütend und deutet an, wie viel besserer Rabatt mit Optionen erhältlich ist, Trick elf – Einschüchterung. Nachdem der Manager gegangen ist, wendet der Verkäufer Trick Zwölf an, zehntausend Abschlag mit dreijähriger Zahlung und Listenpreis. Dies kam aus heiterem Himmel, da die Prämisse von Anfang an ein Bargeschäft war. Es muss sich jedoch um eine Standardpraxis handeln.

The manager came back with a better offer, his lowest possible price. In fact, he loses money and has to deduct the loss from his department budget, trick thirteen. Technique fourteen, a one-time offer, is punctuated by the two salespeople asking: Do we have a deal at that price? At this point I’m not sure if the deal is reasonable given so many numbers have been debated. The manager places a gong on the table to announce the first deal of the day. I hold the pen to sign when my gut says no, wait for the exact car – don’t compromise on the interior you want; and don’t succumb to these pressure tactics. Somehow I manage to get my keys and leave as an exhausted person.